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International freight services









Transport of goods

International transport of all kinds of goods, except perishables and ADR-shipments. FASHION : The ALPI group offers a specialised service to ship your fabrics and accessories from Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc. directly to the production centers all over the world, without transiting Belgium which results in faster deliveries and less expenses. The most important fashion labels in Belgium are already working this way since years at full satisfaction.

Short and long term storage

In our 10.000 m² warehouse we have the possibility to store your goods or rent part of the warehouse for short or long term storage.

Domestic distribution per road

Domestic distribution for importers of shoes, clothing, furniture, horeca material and all kinds of goods. The deliveries are executed in a neutral way directly to the consignees without going via the importers’ warehouse,avoiding unnecessary costs and manipulation.

Forwarding services

ALPI BELGIUM handles all your domestic and international transports in the EC countries and ships directly to countries all over the world, thanks to its European and Worldwide network.